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Landing page movie for business CPA

Free Script Landing page movie for business CPA 1.1

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What Is A Landing Page And Why Is It Very Important?

Landing page or called lead capture page is a page that appears when a website visitor clicks on an ad, banner, link, both from a search engine or a webpage that usually takes us to a particular web page.


The site has been designed so that it looks like a movie watching site.

No need to be tired of posting because the film automatically appears itself.

Of course, increase the dollar coffers of your CPA internet

F.A.Q ******************************

Q: does it get an update?

A: Automatic update itself, bro, if there is a new movie

Q: is there another display

A: Of course you can chat first (but this is the best display from me)

Q: Cara install?

A: enough to extract on hosting

Q: For how many websites?

A: as many as many without limits
Q: Can you bro, if I want the script in picture two

A: Really, bro, please just choose the image script 1 or picture 2. just add information later when ordering this order

You can also add below if you want to landing page 2 2
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